About Me

“If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business – it’s that simple” … Richard Branson


Natasha About Us

My name is Natasha Brittan, I believe we all have the power to help ourselves feel less stressed, manage life’s challenges and look after our own well-being. Sometimes all we need is a little help and support, intention and in this busy world, commitment. I love mindfulness and I have practised it for over ten years, training as a mindfulness teacher. Mindfulness has helped me through challenging times and I approach teaching mindfulness with a sense of happy curiosity and humour, non-judgement and kindness – as life can sometimes be overwhelmingly serious.

Mindfulness I believe is in all of us already, we have just become so good at ‘layering’ over it, that we have forgotten it exists. With simple practices, self-belief and empowerment it can be re-discovered, integrated into our daily lives with simple effective practices and is able to help employees. I provide mindfulness coaching to private clients, workplace and schools.

As a Reiki practitioner I have had the opportunity to treat corporate clients in their workplaces.  The benefits of visiting and treating employees within the workplace include, less-stressed employees, calmer working environment and more positive working mindset.

I have been treating clients with Reiki for over 11 years and volunteer at the Fountain Centre St Lukes Cancer Hospital in Guildford as a Reiki therapist and mindfulness coach to patients living with and beyond cancer. The majority of patients I speak to and recommend mindfulness are positive about, are grateful for and value the benefits mindfulness is able to bring to the management of stress, anxiety and pain. I find this time very rewarding for both my mindfulness and Reiki.

I have been a director for 6 years of an international company operating in fragile countries and I am able to combine a varied, experiential and mindful life with a commercial background.

I write a blog Divorce Goddess about divorcing mindfully, which has been featured on national TV/radio.

My clients are based in Surrey and London, Dubai and Europe.