Workplace/School Options

“Tend to the people and they will tend to the business” … John Maxwell


How we can help…

Our Mindfulness Courses:

  • Mindfulness Taster Days
  • Workplace Lunchtime/Early Start/Day End Mindful Meditations
  • School Term Mindfulness Lessons
  • 6 or 8 Week Mindfulness Courses
  • 6 Month Mindfulness Meeting package
  • Private 1-1 sessions (available on Skype)

Learn how to:

  • Develop beneficial qualities such as acceptance, attention, compassion, curiosity and awareness to enrich your work and life and helps to avoid burnout.
  • Bring a sense of calm, clarity and happiness to your work, school or home life.
  • Feel an increase in self-acceptance, self-compassion and a sense of well-being.
  • Let go of regrets and rumination about the past, worries about the future and return your attention to what is happening right now in the present moment.

Included in the Courses:

  • Key facts about mindfulness summarised and simplified
  • Course manual
  • Access link to mindful meditations
  • Helpful and fun mindfulness activities

For more pricing and more information on how we can help integrate mindfulness training into your workplace please contact us.

“I’ve personally used the services offered by Corporate Calm over the last 6 months and really felt the difference with my stress levels being reduced. Working for a global company, spending a lot of time travelling and building up significant levels of stress, I feel the difference from the sessions and practices I have experienced, resetting my stress levels and feeling re-energised.”

RW, Chief Operations Officer, Global Technology Company





 Reiki treatment sessions are also available at your premises for stressed employees needing a sense of calm.

Calm 25 Minute Package

Individual sessions of Reiki for your employees

Package benefits:

  • Individual 25 minute session for busy employees
  • Recommended de-stressing and well-being treatment
  • Short appointments for teams working in a time pressured environment
  • Helpful for staff experiencing high levels of pressure and stress
  • In-house workplace treatments

“Natasha has worked with me using Reiki to release built up workplace and life stress and tension.  A course of Reiki treatments allowed me to focus calmly with more clarity, sleep well through the night and feel more in control then I have for a long time.”

RB, Managing Director, Surrey.

De-Stress 60 Package

Individual sessions of Reiki for your employees

Package benefits:

  • Individual 60 minute session for employees
  • A recommended hour’s de-stressing treatment in the workplace
  • Helps alleviate anxiety levels and feelings of fatigue, increases mental clarity and focus
  • In-house workplace treatments


Corporate Calm 1

Flat fee paid by the employer

  • Day rate (10am – 4pm*)     £350

Up to 11 sessions of 25 mins each with the option of a double session if requested  and *includes two 15 minute breaks

  • Half day rate (10am – 2.15pm*)     £250

Up to 8 sessions of 25 minutes each with the option of a double session if requested and *includes one 15 minute break

Corporate Calm 2

Call out fee paid by the employer

  • Full day rate (10am – 4am*)     £200

Employee session rate: £15 per session of 25 minutes and *includes two 15 minute breaks

  • Half day rate (10am – 2.15pm*) paid by the employer     £130

Employee session rate: £15 per session of 25 minutes and *includes one 15 minute break

The indicated rates are per therapist called on location.

Where possible to maximise client comfort during the treatment a requirement would be an office/room/space to work in or within a quiet zone and drinking water made available. We can provide a reclining chair for the treatment allowing full body relaxation.

I went to Natasha at a difficult time in my life, when stress from work was really taking its toll and it was starting to make me ill.  Natasha’s treatments were empowering, amazing and life-changing.  During the treatments, I could literally feel the negative energy clearing away.  Afterwards, I was left with the most overwhelming feeling of calmness and peace.  This gave me the renewed inner strength that I needed to re-address my work in a more constructive, calmer and positive way, so that I felt in control again.” RP, Regional Sales Manager, Dubai, UAE.


Each organisation has their unique requirement, please contact us to discuss yours.

We offer a free 45 minute mindfulness presentation for organisation within a 10 mile radius of Haslemere, Surrey.