Mindfulness / Reiki

“Think different” … Steve Jobs


Do you ever wish you could just press pause? Do you suffer from information overload? Are you so busy you can’t see the wood for the trees? Do you live your life in automatic pilot mode?

Growing evidence indicates that mindfulness practice can lead to positive life changes, including:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved concentration
  • The ability to deal with negative emotions
  • A greater sense of happiness and wellbeing
  • Reduced chronic physical pain and improved immune system
  • More understanding, kindness and non-judgement of towards others
    Course outcomes

    • Increased focus, attention and concentration
    • Increased productivity, awareness and overall happiness
    • Reduce absenteeism and impaired performance
    • Improve team dynamics
    • Ability to evaluate personal stress levels and acquire a range of positive coping strategies



    The word Reiki means ‘Universal life energy’. It is a gentle, yet powerful therapy used to help destress employees in the workplace. Reiki does not offer a “cure”, however, it promotes well-being by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body’s immune system. Reiki is complimentary to both conventional medicine and natural therapies.¬†Reiki is becoming more widely practised in the workplace, hospitals, homes, prisons and GP surgeries.

    Reiki is the basis of our Calm and De-Stress employee packages to aid:


    • Increased energy levels
    • Stress reduction, stress-related ailments and anxiety
    • Emotional balancing, self-esteem and mental clarity
    • Maintaining general well-being
    • Handling change in your life
    • Fatigue and problems with sleeping
      How Reiki happens in the Workplace

      • Reiki is essentially a ‘hands on’ practice and the benefits are ‘felt’ in sessions of 25 minutes or 1 hour in length
      • This treatment is given whilst a client is seated in a chair, fully clothed except for shoes
      • The Calm Practitioner gently places their hands in a series of positions on or over the body from head to toe and often after treatment the recipient will feel a sense of inner calm.
      • It is practised in cancer support groups, drug rehabilitation units, GP surgeries, hospitals, homes and hospices

      Calm Practitioners work at your company premises ensuring efficient treatment schedules and valuable staff time.

      ~ 10% discount to new customers ~

      “Happiness is a choice not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.” … Ralph Marston